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Big Eye Baitfish
This is a great all around blue water fly for any species from the Caribbean,...
Big Game Gummy Minnow
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Clouser Minnow
If you had only one saltwater fly, I bet it would be the Clouser Minnow. Get...
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Crystal Popper
Crystal Poppers are super fun and super productive. Strip them as fast as you...
Flashfire Mushies
You can't go wrong anywhere when you fish the Mushies Series.
Major Herring
Major Mullet
Major Sardine
Everywhere you find sardines you will want Major Sardine.
images/products_additional/icons/sea habit bucktail 2_0_4294.jpg images/products_additional/icons/sea habit bucktail 2_0_4295.jpg images/products_additional/icons/sea habit bucktail 2_0_4296.jpg images/products_additional/icons/sea habit bucktail 2_0_4459.jpg
Sea Habit Bucktail 2/0
The Sea Habit Series is rock solid,lots of flash a distinct eye profile and...