Dr. Slick Barb Clamps
Short with powerful shanks and smooth jaws, this clamp can handle all...
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp
This series was designed for angling in cold weather where gloves or mittens...
Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamps
Same basic concept as the mitten clamps, but with a serrated scissor mounted...
Dr. Slick Scissor Clamps
The most versatile series we make and able to handle all streamside tasks.
Dr. Slick Squall Plier
images/products_additional/icons/dr. slick xbc scissor clamps_5497.jpg images/products_additional/icons/dr. slick xbc scissor clamps_5498.jpg
Dr. Slick XBC Scissor Clamps
Gerber Magnipliers 7.5"
Gerber Multi Plier 600
Gerber Neat Freak Scissors
images/products_additional/icons/hatch nomad 2 pliers_5340.jpg images/products_additional/icons/hatch nomad 2 pliers_5341.jpg
Hatch Nomad 2 Pliers
Ketchum Release Tool
The Ketchum Release tool makes low-mortality release easy.
Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps
Rising Coil Leash
Rogue Quickdraw Mitten Clamps
Special Blend Lippa 4 Life w/ Lanyard