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From May through August (water flows permitting) we run one-day float trips fishing for smallmouth bass on the John Day. The action is fast and furious on most days and the bass are eager to eat our bugs both sub-surface and right on top... POPPIN'!! This is a trip for all ages and all experience levels. We put two anglers in each boat, one in the front and one in the back, and float the river pounding the banks and searching the deep holes for monster bass. You will rack up numbers - an 80 fish day per person is not out of the question on the John Day, but remember to take your eye off the fly once in a while to enjoy the stunning desert canyon through which you will be floating.

Our day bass float trips will originate at our fly shop in Maupin. We meet at 7:00 AM in order to allow for the one-hour drive to the put-in. You can leave your vehicle in the parking lot in Maupin. The float is about ten miles in length, so this is a full-day of fishing. You will launch the boat around 8:00 AM and will float until about 4:30 or 5:00 PM. Your guide will get you back to Maupin around 6:30 or 7:00 PM. Your guide will have a nice lunch for you as well as plenty of cold water to keep you hydrated in the desert environment.

If you have a son, daughter, spouse, friend, mother, or father who is a budding enthusiast in fly fishing or curious to try the sport, this is a great introduction to fly fishing with lots of gratification from the eager bass! Price for a full day float for 1-2 anglers is $550.


From October though February (water flows permitting) we offer one day float trips fishing for wild steelhead on the John Day River. Day floats are a wonderful way for anglers to enjoy both the remote wilderness of the john Day River and the comfort of the accommodations in the small town of Maupin. A day-long steelhead float on the John Day river covers roughly ten miles of river, offering steelhead anglers many fine runs through which to swing their flies. The boat launch for day trips is a little over one hour driving time from our headquarters in Maupin, so we leave town early enough to see the sun rise over the John Day and we fish until just before sunset.

A day float trip will include transportation from Maupin, hot coffee, hot soup, a hearty lunch, beverages, and the guidance of an experienced professional steelhead guide. A full day, dawn to dark steelhead trip for 1-2 anglers is $650 per day.

Call us: 541-395-0995

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