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Price: $2.50
Product ID : Fish Hunter Antelope
Manufacturer: Fish Hunter Enterprises



A thick coarse fur, similar to moose hair, makes fantastic heads on a variety of skater patterns and because of its added buoyancy, it also works great on a variety of dry flies.

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  • Cashmere Goat

    Cashmere Goat $4.95

    An all natural finely tapered hair that is 5-8 inches long. Works well on any number of streamers and saltwater patterns.

  • Caribou

    Caribou $2.50

    If you are going to spin small bodies, this is the only hair to use. This hair is very fine allowing you to spin bodies on size 22 hooks.

  • Bleached Elk Hair

    Bleached Elk Hair $2.75

    The nice light color of this material is perfect for light colored wings on a variety of caddis patterns. If you plan on matching the hatch, this is a must have material. Cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Premium Deer Hair

    Premium Deer Hair $6.00

    Bleached premium deer hair can be used in a variety of dry fly patterns for trout as well as muddler patterns for steelhead. Cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Bucktail

    Bucktail $5.95

    Bucktail comes in a wide array of colors and is used on many different types of flies.

  • Deer Body/Spinning Hair

    Deer Body/Spinning Hair $3.90

    An essential material for tying different colored muddlers, Bombers,and other skaters for summer steelhead. Cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Moose Body

    Moose Body $2.50

    The coarse hollow hair of moose screams steelhead skater. Spin some on a hook, burn the hollow ends and let her wake. Cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Calf Tail

    Calf Tail $4.95

    Calf Tail, also known as Kiptail, is used in a number of popular trout patterns as a wing material.

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