For well over a century, Hardy has been renowned as the manufacturer of the finest fly reels in the world - the name is synonymous with quality and excellence. Hardy reels are precision machined works of art made from only the finest aluminum available. The click and pawl drags found in traditional Hardy reels set the standard and have gone unchanged for well over 60 years. Famous for that Hardy scream, these reels will let anglers up and down the river know when a hot one is on. 

Hardy Bougle' Heritage Reel
This variant of the Bouglé was launched for the reel's 110th birthday in...
Hardy Cascapedia Fly Reels
Hardy Duchess Reel
Hardy Marquis LWT Reels
Hardy Marquis LWT Spools
Hardy Marquis Salmon LWT
Hardy Perfect Wide Spool Reel
Since the first Hardy Perfect reel was designed by Foster Hardy in the...
Hardy Perfect Wide Spool Spools