Tight Line Enterprises Vacuum-Vacuum Rod Rack
TMC Dry Magic
A unique silicone floatant that works wonders on all dry flies, including CDC.
TMC Dry Shake Primer
A must for all Dry-Shake lovers!
TMC Shimazaki Dry Shake
Great for drying and reconditioning flies. When your dry fly begins to sink,...
Trout Hunter CDC Fly Dressing
images/products_additional/icons/trout hunter tippet tender_5004.jpg images/products_additional/icons/trout hunter tippet tender_5005.jpg images/products_additional/icons/trout hunter tippet tender_5006.jpg
Trout Hunter Tippet Tender
Tung Fu
An awesome alternative to lead, this malleable tungsten putty is applied...
Umpqua Bug Flote
Bug Flote is an excellent gel to keep your dry flies looking natural and...
Umpqua HD Day Tripper Fly Box
images/products_additional/icons/umpqua hd large fly box_5483.jpg images/products_additional/icons/umpqua hd large fly box_5484.jpg images/products_additional/icons/umpqua hd large fly box_5485.jpg
Umpqua HD Large Fly Box
Umpqua HD Magnum Midge Fly Box
images/products_additional/icons/umpqua hd medium fly box_5480.jpg images/products_additional/icons/umpqua hd medium fly box_5481.jpg images/products_additional/icons/umpqua hd medium fly box_5482.jpg
Umpqua HD Medium Fly Box
Umpqua HD Midge Fly Box
Umpqua HD Walkabout Fly Box
Umpqua Large Zinger
Umpqua LT Day Tripper Fly Box
Umpqua LT High Bugger Box
Umpqua LT High Magnum Midge Fly Box
Umpqua LT Magneto Fly Box
Umpqua LT Midge Fly Box
images/products_additional/icons/umpqua lt standard high fly box_5478.jpg images/products_additional/icons/umpqua lt standard high fly box_5479.jpg
Umpqua LT Standard High Fly Box
Umpqua Small Zinger
Umpqua Weekender Fly Box
US-Magnum 1000XR Digital Scale
Wading Staff Retractor
Keeps the staff handle at your side – away from your fishing line, but...
Water Gremlin Lead Shot
When you need to "get down" - you can boogie the day away with this removable...
Water Gremlin Tin Shot
Gremlin Green Split Shot is made from TIN and will not cause lead poisoning...
images/products_additional/icons/wheatley 3 1_2_ fly boxes 1301f_1549.jpg images/products_additional/icons/wheatley 3 1_2_ fly boxes 1301f_1553.jpg
Wheatley 1301F Foam Box
The 3 inch box if perfect for a days worth of summer steelhead wet flies and...
Wheatley 1401SF Foam Box
1401SF Foam lid and base Size in inches: 4 3/4 " x 3 1/2 " x 1 1/8 "
Wheatley 1442 Clip Box 5s w/ Swingleaf
1442 CLIP BOX With swingleaf. 5s Carries 60 flies. Size in inches: 4 3/4 " x...