Loon Aquel
This premium gel floatant is the world's best fly floatant. Aquel is long...
Loon Blue Ribbon
This pure powder floatant won't leave a residue on the water and is perfect...
Loon Dust
As a floatant, Loon Dust keeps flies riding high and adds sparkle attractor.
Loon Easy Dry
A treatment to revive flies composed of two things: drying beads and blue...
Loon Fly Spritz II
As the WORLD'S FIRST and ONLY water based spray floatant, Fly Spritz 2 is the...
Loon Payette Paste
An excellent paste floatant that is as effective on floating lines and leader...
Loon Royal Gel
A gel floatant that adds a little shimmer to flies.
Loon Top Ride
Known as "Shake and Bake" by world class guides, this desiccant (drying...
Shimizaki Dry Shake Liquid
Shimizaki Dry Shake Refill
Shimizaki Dry Shake Spray
Shimizaki Dry Shake with Applicator Brush
Shimizaki Powder Keg
TMC Dry Magic
A unique silicone floatant that works wonders on all dry flies, including CDC.
TMC Dry Shake Primer
A must for all Dry-Shake lovers!
TMC Shimazaki Dry Shake
Great for drying and reconditioning flies. When your dry fly begins to sink,...
Trout Hunter CDC Fly Dressing
Umpqua Bug Flote
Bug Flote is an excellent gel to keep your dry flies looking natural and...