Cigar Bomber Gray/Orange
Cigar Bomber Labatt Blue/Brown
Cigar Bomber Labatt Blue/Org
Cigar Bomber Lime/Orange
Clark Stone Golden
Clark Stone Salmon
One of the best follow up flies during the big salmon fly hatch. We use the...
images/products_additional/icons/clouser minnow_2235.jpg images/products_additional/icons/clouser minnow_2236.jpg images/products_additional/icons/clouser minnow_4290.jpg
Clouser Minnow
If you had only one saltwater fly, I bet it would be the Clouser Minnow. Get...
Cluster Midge
Similiar to the productive Griffiths Gnat with a little white CDC wing,very...
Cockroach Large
Like gabardine trousers never goes out of fashion and lasts forever.
Coffey's Sparkle Minnow - Sculpin
Coffry's CH Sparkle Minnow Sculpin
images/products_additional/icons/cold medicine_4395.jpg images/products_additional/icons/cold medicine_4396.jpg images/products_additional/icons/cold medicine_4397.jpg
Cold Medicine
This is one flashy deep sunk pattern. Always productive when you really need...
Comparadun - Purple
Anywhere you have small mayflies you need purple comparaduns. Purple is the...
Cravens Flip Flop - Tan
This baby has a lot of bin appeal, no doubt it looks good and has a lot of...
Crazy Charlie - Tan
The Crazy Charlie in the bonefish world is like a parachute adams for the...
Cripple Dun PMD
Cripple mayfly patterns are almost always the most productive during the...
Crippled Parachute PMD
A very creative fly design, with only one wing on the water and the parachute...
Crown Royal
Another great Tavis Johnson pattern, the blue and purple color combination...
Crystal Bugger Jig TGB - Black
Crystal Bugger Jig TGB - Olive
Crystal Mini Puff Tan
Mini Puff is a small profile, sparkly little critter, that generally won't...
images/products_additional/icons/crystal popper_3012.jpg images/products_additional/icons/crystal popper_4513.jpg images/products_additional/icons/crystal popper_4516.jpg
Crystal Popper
Crystal Poppers are super fun and super productive. Strip them as fast as you...
images/products_additional/icons/curb feeler_1865.jpg images/products_additional/icons/curb feeler_1866.jpg
Curb Feeler
Taylor Gerath's Curb Feeler series is a high riding, water spitting skater...
Cutters Little Yellow Sally
Perlodidae stone flies called Yellow Sallies are most abundant during early...
D&D Cripple Callibaetis
One of our most popular callibaetis cripple patterns. Everyone likes the...
D&D Cripple PMD
Sparkle bodies are getting more popular, because the fish are attracted to them.
Dainty Damsel - Olive
One of the top damsel nymphs everywhere. If we had to pick one pattern, this...
Damsel In Distress
A very odd looking damsel, but proven very effective on all our lakes.
images/products_additional/icons/damsel nymph_3006.jpg images/products_additional/icons/damsel nymph_3007.jpg
Damsel Nymph
Some damsel larvae are brown,so throw some of these babies in your box just...
Damsel Nymph Mini - Olive
A lifelike swimmer, this nymph is all about it.