A key component to successful Euro Nymphing is acquiring the right rod for the job. Euro Nymph rods are designed specifically to protect light tippets while landing large fish quickly. You have to disregard the typical rod weight system because these rods are designed to cast flies not fly line. You will notice that Euro Nymph rods are typically 2 and 3 weights which seems awfully light for most big trout. The 2 and 3 weight designations are referring to the top two sections which need to be flexible to protect 6 and 7x tippet. The butt sections are equivalent to 5 or 6 weight rods to be able to handle large trout in swift water. The price differences are based on how quickly the rod tip dampens – the quicker it dampens the more accurate you are. If you have any question about what Euro Nymph rod is best suited for your fishing situation give us a call at (541)395-0995.
Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Rods
Cortland Competition Nymph Rod
Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Rod
Echo Carbon XL Euro Outfit
Echo Shadow II Euro Nymph Rods
Echo Shadow II Euro Outfit
Echo Shadow X Euro Nymph Rods
Echo Shadow X Euro Outfit
Hanak Czech Nymph V 3100 Rod
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