Christmas Island

CHRISTMAS ISLAND ( Kiritimati ) - FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 11, 2020, & FEBRUARY 11 - 18 , 2020

Your Hosts:
AMY HAZEL ( Both Weeks )

Christmas Island offers some of the very best saltwater fly fishing in the world. Target species: Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Triggerfish, Golden Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally, Milkfish, Ahi Tuna, and the list goes on. The variety of fish species, the beauty and pristine nature of the atoll, the remote location, and the friendly happy fishing guides make this our favorite saltwater experience—perfect for fly anglers of any skill level.

"Wading white sand flats while sight-casting to tailing Bonefish and huge Triggerfish is the quintessential Christmas Island experience. Add 20 to 80 pound Giant Trevally to the mix and you have a destination with something for every fly angler."



The fishing day is dictated somewhat by the tides. The tides change by one hour each day and your guide will aim to hit the best flats at the most favorable tides. Typically, breakfast is served between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. In the breakfast room, bread and sandwich fixings are available to you so that you can pack your own lunch for the day. The boats await anglers every morning on the beach which is just a short walk from the lodge. You and your guide will board a boat with a few other lodge guests and their guides and off to the flats you go. The boats typically drop guides and guests off at different flats within the lagoon and return to pick them up at the far end of the flat. Short boat rides from flat to flat are a good time to eat lunch or snack and rehydrate.

Communicate daily with your guide as to your wishes for the day. Do you want to target Bonefish? Is the Triggerfish on your bucket list? Do you want to spend the entire day hunting for big GTs? Your guide wants your day to be great, so let him know what your hopes are for your fishing day and he will do his best to make your fishing dreams come true.


Included in your fishing package is the opportunity to do some offshore fishing outside of the lagoon. In the blue water you can target Milkfish, Wahoo, Tuna, and GTs as well as other species you have never seen or heard of. Spend the whole day in the blue or make a morning of it, returning to the flats in the afternoon.


A day trip to the Korean Wreck is a fun excursion, though it does require a bumpy overland vehicle ride of about 1 1/2 hours each way. It is well-worth the ride to stand waist deep in the breakers casting poppers to groups of GTs chasing bait. The Bonefishing at the reef is excellent too.


Christmas Island Bonefish are plentiful and larger than the average Bonefish that you find in the Caribbean. Favorite flies for Bonefish are the Christmas Island Special (both lead eyes and bead chain eyes), Moana’s Chilli Pepper, and the Crazy Charlie. The beautiful thing about Christmas Island is the abundance of white sand flats. You will be walking side by side with your guide as he carries your extra fly rods and spots tailing Bonefish for you. If you blow your chance at a nice Bonefish, you and your guide will laugh that mistake away because there will be many more chances.


Aggressive and strong, GTs cruise the flats looking to ambush schools of small Bonefish and milkfish. They hunt in packs and do not hesitate to attack baitfish fly imitations and surface poppers. Whenever wading the flats in search of Bonefish, have your guide carry a 12 weight loaded with a floating line and GT fly ready to launch. When the pack of wolves come streaking across the flats you just have to get that big fly in front of one of them, strip like crazy, and hope that you are ready for the fight of a lifetime!


The biggest surprise to us on our first trip to Christmas Island was a species that wasn’t even on our radar - the Triggerfish. This is a crazy-looking cartoon fish that feeds nose down with its tail sticking straight out of the water waving like a flag. A crab pattern tied on a very stout hook is the key to hooking and landing these hard-pulling bruisers. Triggerfish hide out in coral caves, or houses, where they use the trigger on top of their heads to anchor them while they rest. When hooked, a Trigger will make a bee-line for his cave and it is the angler’s job to try to stop and turn him before he makes it home. If he does make it to the cave, your guide will be the brave soul who will reach inside the dark cavern to tail that Trigger and bring him back into the light so that you can have a photo shoot. Once you see one, you will want to hook them all.

The two larger Triggerfish on Christmas Island are the Titan Trigger (commonly referred to by the guides as the Mustache or Mustachio Trigger) and the Yellow Margin Trigger (known as the Peach Face Trigger). The trifecta is rounded out by the smallest Trigger on the Island, the Picasso Triggerfish ( the state fish of Hawaii, the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa).


The Villages is our lodge of choice on Christmas Island. We are filling the entire lodge for two weeks with 13 of our favorite people! We will stay in air-conditioned double-occupancy rooms, each with a private shower/toilet. Stay for one week or two, John and Amy Hazel will be there for both weeks as your hosts.


$2790/week per angler double occ.

Included is six days of guided fishing (each angler has a private guide), lodging, meals, and transfers from the airport to the lodge. Price does not include round trip airfare to CXI from Hawaii, airfare to Hawaii, or lodging in Hawaii. Details on flight bookings will be provided upon receipt of your trip deposit.


Contact the Shop as soon as possible to book your spot as they will fill fast:
Thank you to Jim Klug and the crew at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing for their assistance and photos