images/products_additional/icons/adult caddis_2908.jpg images/products_additional/icons/adult caddis_2909.jpg
Adult Caddis
One of the best dead or spent caddis patterns. Works well for hatching...
images/products_additional/icons/better foam caddis_1593.jpg images/products_additional/icons/better foam caddis_1594.jpg
Better Foam Caddis
This fly floats high and dry with a wrapped and segmented foam body, no need...
Better Foam Caddis October Orange
images/products_additional/icons/blooms parachute caddis_1595.jpg images/products_additional/icons/blooms parachute caddis_1596.jpg images/products_additional/icons/blooms parachute caddis_1597.jpg
Bloom's Parachute Caddis
We use this bright wing caddis adult in the evenings last light. If you can't...
CDC Caddis - Olive
CDC Double Wing Caddis
images/products_additional/icons/dancing caddis_1600.jpg images/products_additional/icons/dancing caddis_1601.jpg images/products_additional/icons/dancing caddis_1602.jpg
Dancing Caddis
Tied parachute style with a white post, gives great visibility on all water...
Dead Bug Caddis
images/products_additional/icons/ec caddis_1598.jpg images/products_additional/icons/ec caddis_1599.jpg
EC Caddis
Half adult and half pupa. A very low profile hatching caddis imitation.
images/products_additional/icons/elk hair caddis_1605.jpg images/products_additional/icons/elk hair caddis_1606.jpg images/products_additional/icons/elk hair caddis_1607.jpg images/products_additional/icons/elk hair caddis_1608.jpg
Elk Hair Caddis
The standard caddis for the last 50 years. Still the most popular pattern on...
images/products_additional/icons/ez caddis_1603.jpg images/products_additional/icons/ez caddis_1604.jpg
EZ Caddis
A low profile adult or spent caddis imitation, our favorite in small sizes...
Fin Fetcher Caddis
Similiar to the productive EC Caddis with a very bright parachute wing, and...
Fin Fetcher Caddis - Olive
Front End Loader Tan
images/products_additional/icons/hot wing elk hair caddis_1616.jpg images/products_additional/icons/hot wing elk hair caddis_1617.jpg
Hot Wing Elk Hair Caddis
Young and old anglers alike are attracted to the highly visible wing. Stay...
Jake's Hi-Vis CDC Caddis
Jakes Hi Vis CDC Caddis - UV Olive
images/products_additional/icons/quigley_s midget caddis_1620.jpg images/products_additional/icons/quigley_s midget caddis_1624.jpg images/products_additional/icons/quigley_s midget caddis_1625.jpg images/products_additional/icons/quigley_s midget caddis_1626.jpg
Quigley's Midget Caddis
This is an odd looking caddis, but believe or not one of the best for...
Quigley's Midget Caddis - Olive
Silvey's Visible Caddis - Olive
Fished on the swing, skated on the surface, or upstream on the dead drift....
images/products_additional/icons/x-caddis_1630.jpg images/products_additional/icons/x-caddis_1631.jpg
Designed by master tier Craig Mathews, the X Caddis is a fly that fishing...
images/products_additional/icons/x2 caddis_1632.jpg images/products_additional/icons/x2 caddis_1633.jpg
X2 Caddis
Similar to the famous X-Caddis but with a little extra glitter and flash.