C.F. Burkheimer is one of the premier custom fly rod manufacturers on the planet and for good reason. Every Burkheimer fly rod blank is rolled in-house using only the latest graphite materials available. Couple a beautiful blank with the finest components available and you have a trully exquisite custom fly rod. Burkheimer is most famously known for his spey rods which he has been building as long, if not longer, than any major manufacturer. Utilizing the R&D of the best spey casters in the Pacific Northwest, Burkheimer spey rods set the benchmark. With a huge selection of spey rods to choose from, there is a Burkheimer for every caster and every situation. 
C.F. Burkheimer Classic Spey
The Classic Series sets a new standard in high quality fly fishing equipment.
C.F. Burkheimer DAL Classic Trout
C.F. Burkheimer's Deep Action Load (DAL) series of rods were designed for the...
C.F. Burkheimer Presentation Spey
C.F. Burkheimer rods are known around the world as the finest casting...
C.F. Burkheimer Titanium Saltwater
The salt. Some of the most demanding fishing on Earth calls for the most...