For over 30 years Anderson Custom Rods has built one of the finest crafted fly rods in the world. In the last 10 years master designer and rod builder Gary Anderson has turned the Spey world upside down, creating some of the finest Spey Rods one has ever laid their hands on named the 'JHC Series'. The JHC Series Spey Rod is a collaborative effort of Gary Anderson along with Master Spey caster, Deschutes River Steelhead Guide and Deschutes Angler Fly Shop owner John Hazel. There is no project to difficult for Gary Anderson to take head on and his creative genius shines through with the JHC Series Spey Rods.

“I have cast about every Spey Rod manufactured in the world, yet I still thought there has got to be something better. One rod has the right length, but the tip is too soft, another rod had seemingly the perfect action but its length was too short, in other words, I wanted complete control over the outcome of every aspect of the Spey Rod, and together with Gary’s hard work we have built something very special. I truly believe the JHC Series makes every Spey caster better." - John Hazel

Anderson Custom Rods Elite Spey Rods
Anderson Custom Rods Nova 2 Spey Rods
Anderson Custom Rods Nova 2 Trout Spey