A leader in innovation and design, Lamson reels are designed with a minimalist mindset. Lamson strives to build bomber reels with as little parts as possible to reduce breakage. Using a conical drag mechanism rather than a traditional disc, Lamson was able to create a large surface area in completely sealed cylinder that does not eat up alot space. The end result is a beautifully machined lightweight reel with a drag that is impervious to the elements. Lamson is sure fire winner with a reel for every budget. 

Waterworks Lamson Cobalt Reels
Waterworks Lamson Guru II HD Reel
This new reel stands for “heavy duty” and this version of Guru, unlike...
Waterworks Lamson Guru II HD Spools
Waterworks Lamson Guru II Reel
Waterworks Lamson Guru II Spool
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Waterworks Lamson Guru S Series
Waterworks Lamson Liquid 3-Pack Reel and Spools
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Waterworks Lamson Liquid Reels
Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Spools
Waterworks Lamson Remix 3-Pack Reel and Spools
Waterworks Lamson Remix Reel
A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical...
Waterworks Lamson Speedster HD Reel
Speedster HD (“Heavy Duty”) follows the lead of our Arx and Guru HD reels...
Waterworks Lamson Speedster HD Spool
Waterworks Lamson Speedster Reel
The Speedster is a super-high retrieve rate reel with a narrower spool,...
Waterworks Lamson Speedster Spools