Deschutes River Fishing Report

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    Deschutes River Fishing Report April 10, 2014

    John and I just returned from a week in Hawaii and the weather here is nearly as nice as it was on the islands. The grass seems to have grown several inches, the hillsides along the river are green, and the flowers are blooming. The best news of all is that our March Brown mayflies - soon to be renamed April Browns - are here! There have been some decent hatches of these large speckle-winged critters and the fish are looking up. Evan had a guide trip the other day and actually hooked several trout on a skwala stone dry fly. We don't get a lot of Skwalas here, so they are considered a rare treat by our trout and they rarely let one float past.

    The lakes are in excellent shape and continue to be an exciting kick off for any spring angler who wants to put a deep bend in the fly rod and test out the strength of that old spool of tippet that has been sitting in the pocket of your fly vest. We have several lake venues at various prices, don't miss out on some of the finest trophy trout fishing that Central Oregon has to offer.

    Yes, we did tote our fly gear to Hawaii. I have to say, I was stunned by the quality of the flats fishing on Oahu. The Hawaiian name for bonefish is O'io and they are huge! We hired and fished with a guide named Colin Huff who works with Mike Hennessy. Colin was great - had the excellent saltwater flats guide eyes - he spotted incoming bones from 100 feet out and knew his left from his right (I admit to some serious buck fever and did not always keep my cool under the pressure). I hooked and lost some very large bones that broke me on the coral reef, I ripped the lips off a few bonefish with my 100 pound tarpon strip set, I blew a perfect shot at a Giant Trevally by allowing my line to get fouled up just as he inhaled my fly, and I had a hell of a good time. John brought home the bacon and landed his fish. We had afternoons with dozens of good shots at 8-12 lb. bonefish, and I would say it was exactly like permit fishing with a lot more shots at fish per day. They were super sensitive, ultra picky, ultra wary, and it was wickedly windy both days. This was not the place to go for a newbie flats angler, but we loved the challenge of it and there are lots more flats on Oahu that we did not get a chance to see. We will go back. It was awesome.

    Deschutes trout offer all the thrills without the long plane flight! Get out here while the fishing is good and the crowds are elsewhere. Tight lines,

    Amy & John Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Fishing Report March 29, 2014

    Let me start by saying that the Deschutes has come into shape nicely - it is clear and a little on the high side, but anglers are hooking fish consistently on nymphs and we are all waiting for the March Browns to finally show up. They really should be called April Browns because the hatch doesn't kick off until April. It is a little bit rainy now after starting the morning sunny and warm. The forecast calls for a few more mixed days of rain and sun over the next week - but it beats the weather I keep hearing about in Portland. Raining Cats and Dogs!!

    Our lakes have been fishing REALLY well this month and the best month of the year is yet to come....APRIL! Give us a call and we will get you on a private lake. Don't take it from me, take it from a guy who just spent two nights at one of our lakeside cabins on the Grass Valley chain of lakes - I just got this email:


    My dad and I just got back from staying at the Granary Cabin Tuesday and Wednesday night, and we're both already planning our next trip out! The fishing was so good we just had to laugh to ourselves as we hooked 18"-22" trout cast after cast during the prime time of the day! I can't even begin to estimate how many fish we caught, we both lost count by noon, but all I know is, a lot! Everyday we returned to the cabin to nurse line burns and tired arms; the trout gave us quite the beating! We started the day off stripping buggers, which provided enough action to keep us happy, but by mid-morning, the fish were on chironomids and the fishing really turned on. The action just kept mounting and by 1:00 everyday the fishing was white-hot! The lakes were in perfect shape, not a lot of weeds, and the fish were thick and fighting super hard. Thanks for setting us up Amy, the cabin was very comfortable and we really enjoyed our stay. I think we'll see you in a couple of weeks for another day on the lakes!

    Chris and John C.

    This is the time of year to start watching out for spawning trout on the gravel in the Deschutes main stem. Please avoid walking on any fine gravel or fishing over fish on the gravel. We need to protect future generations.

    Tight lines,

    Amy Hazel and the Deschutes Angler FLy Shop Crew

    Deschutes River Fishing Report March 15, 2014 70 AM

    Woke this morning to a beautiful calm day. Wisps of high clouds are making the sunrise a pretty one and from my vantage here in my living room, I can see the Deschutes and it looks like it has cleared quite a bit in the last 24-48 hours. It is by no means back to the clean green water we are used to seeing during summer flows, but it is better than it was, and when it was at its worst there were plenty of anglers having excellent success fishing deep nymphs along the soft edges of the river. The river is high - do not let the Madras dam reading fool you - all the tributaries are flowing strong and that makes the river through Maupin around 9000 cfs. Below the White River it is even bigger and not a nice color.

    Despite the high water, we have seen decent fishing and good hatches. Depending on the day and the intensity of the wind, great Blue Wing Olive hatches and even some Skwala stones. Skwalas are not thick out here, but a trout is certainly going to be hard pressed to ignore that taste treat if he sees it in his window of vision.

    The reports from the private lakes are good and improving as the lakes go through their spring turnover - they are clearing quickly and the trout have begun feeding on the surface on water boatmen and midge. The great thing about fishing the lakes at this time of year is that the trout are DUMB. They have not seen a fly in 8-9 months and they are fat and happy and eager to eat yours. We have many options to choose from, ranging from $85 per day to $125 per day - all within about 30 min drive of Maupin. If the river is too high for your liking, the lakes are a great option.

    Remember, the Deschutes is open anywhere in the Maupin area and down to the confluence with the Columbia - if you drive along the river on the roads that parallel the Deschutes upstream or downstream of Maupin, you are going to have nearly 40 miles of fishable water. Trout Creek, Mecca, Warm Springs, Dry Creek, and South Junction are all closed to fishing until the third weekend in April.

    We open at 9:00 AM - still on winter hours until traffic picks up. Stop in and we can get you dialed in on the high water magic weapons.

    Tight lines, We hope to see you on the water! Your fly shop friends, John & Amy Hazel, Harley Faria, Alex Gonsiewski, Steve Light, and Evan Unti.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report March 8, 2014

    Spring has sprung in Maupin, and we are experiencing beautiful weather here on the Deschutes. Yesterday the river crested at 12,500 CFS at the mouth and dropped steadily all day and continues to drop. The high water was caused by some heavy rain on Wednesday night which jacked up all the tributaries. If you want an accurate assessment of what the water looks like in the Maupin area, it is best to look at both the Madras gauge and the Moody gauge. Below the dam there are several significant tributaries that carry a lot of water this time of year - and a good thing that they do because the steelhead are currently charging into these tributaries to spawn. Despite the high and somewhat off color water, trout anglers have been quite successful in the past few days using big ugly nymphs like the Jimmy Legs and bright red flies as trailers. Big water pushes trout to the edges of the river and makes them easier to target for bank anglers.

    The Deschutes is open anywhere in the Maupin area and down to the confluence with the Columbia - if you drive along the river on the roads that parallel the Deschutes upstream or downstream of Maupin, you are going to have nearly 40 miles of fishable water. Trout Creek, Mecca, Warm Springs, Dry Creek, and South Junction are all closed to fishing until the third weekend in April.

    We are seeing good blue winged olive hatches right now in the mid-day as well as a smattering of skwala stones, large grey caddis, and tiny miniscule midges. Trout are holding and cruising in the backeddies and slower pools where they need very little effort to stay in a feeding lane. As the water drops and the weather warms, we should see the first March Brown mayflies hatching off by the end of the month.

    Our private lakes are now open and have kicked off with some good dry fly fishing already. Midge and water boatmen are the main treats for the trophy trout at this time of year. Hooking dozens of 14-22 inch rainbows in a day is a great way to dust off your gear and test your tippet for the upcoming season.

    Alex is guiding the North Oregon Coast full time this spring. He has had several great trips so far, has been blown out a couple of days, and has been keeping quite busy on the Wilson, Nehalam, and Trask. Give us a call if you feel the need for hot steelhead action on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

    We hope to see you on the water! Your fly shop friends, John & Amy Hazel, Harley Faria, Alex Gonsiewski, Steve Light, and Evan Unti.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report February 1, 2014

    Hard core anglers continue to make the trek to the Deschutes in search of the elusive redside trout. At times in the winter it can be tough, but other times you can't believe that dry fly fishing on the Deschutes could be so easy - those windows are small but they usually occur between noon and 2 PM when the Blue Winged Olive mayflies make an appearance. Our other winged companion on the river this time of year is the tiny tiny tiny midge, a speck of a fly that is nearly impossible to accurately imitate because hooks are not available in size 99.

    Nymphing for trout in the winter is not a technical match the hatch thinking game - pull out your nastiest, ugliest, leggy nymph....tie it on to 4x or even 3X tippet.....add one to three split indicator if you choose....and GO DEEP. Trout are holding in slower froggier water than at any other time of year, and where you find one you will often find many. Back eddies and slow moving pools are your best bets, but keep moving often - as you should at all times of year on the Deschutes - staying in one place for too long will limit the number of fish that you will have opportunity to hook on the fly.

    We have a cold snap coming - after today the thermometer is supposed to plummet - I am not too excited about this since we have already had several hundred dollars in broken pipe bills this winter already! I will tell you what was very exciting for me this winter...I saw my first cougar. Now, I have spent years and years driving up and down that gravel access road on the Deschutes in the pre dawn and post sunset hours. I always assumed that I would see my first big cat through my windshield - as I had seen bobcats and a lynx crossing the road in low light. That was not to be. Here is how it all went down....

    I was participating in the Christmas Bird Count that the Audubon Society organizes every year around the holiday - this one is based in an eight mile radius of Tygh Valley. I received a new pair of nice binoculars for Christmas and was very excited to put them to the test on the CBC. I consider myself a novice birder, so it was cool to be matched with an advanced birder. I know a lot of private land owners in the area and had gotten permission to access some remote spots that otherwise would not have been covered on the bird count. It was a foggy morning - densely foggy - so I suggested that we start by walking up the White River above a private cabin outside of Tygh Valley. Joe (my bird nerd friend) and I headed quietly up the wooded trail listening for birds and scanning the forest for movement. 2 minutes up the trail I saw something move in the dense fern growth - maybe a bird! As I padded quietly but quickly up the trail I came over a slight rise where I had seen the movement and found myself face to face with a full grown somewhat angry cougar that was holding its ground. Huge green eyes bored into mine and the cat growled menacingly - not a scream, just a BACK OFF LADY growl. Back off I did - I was inspired to back on down that trail, but I knew better than to run. I raised my hands up as I backed right into Joe and I said Cougar, make yourself look big. We backed down that trail with our arms high until we got about 30 feet away, out of leaping range, I suppose. The cougar never stopped staring us down. When we were out of immediate danger, sort of, I began searching the river bank for a large, baseball bat diameter stick. I found a good one while Joe pulled out a camera and shot a few frames of the kitty on stare down. We hiked backwards most of the way back out of that wooded area saying holy sh*&, HOLY SH*&, HOLY SH&$!!!!! Adrenaline was surging, I mean SURGING through every fiber of my body for hours afterwards.

    I have posted the picture here - this is a Joe Blowers photo, not mine. I wrote about this on Facebook a month ago, and someone noticed a part of a snare in the photo on the right hand side. The Oregon State Police called me about three days later to ask about the cougar encounter - they had seen the photo too. I told them where I had been and who owned the property, and it turns out that there was a snare there. It was set up for coyotes, which is perfectly legal with the right trapping permits. The cop thought that maybe the cat was caught in the snare and wanted to check it out. I really don't think so - I think the cat was making a fine meal of something that had been caught in the snare and that we surprised it. It didn't run off because it was on a kill - that is my theory. If it was a trapped animal I think it probably would have been insane when we got that close. It wasn't caught in the trap when the cop checked it out two days later, but something had been and had freed itself (or maybe the cougar had pulled it out to stash it somewhere. Anyway - it was awesome in retrospect, but I think I prefer to see my next cougar either while I am floating in my boat or at a distance through a pair of binoculars.

    We have been working day and night on our new website - which is why I have not updated the fishing report for so long. I have been writing all new copy for the new site, doing video editing, editing photos, etc. Soon we will launch...

    If you are looking to hook into some winter steelhead, the Deschutes is not the place to be. Our steelhead are only summer run fish and fresh fish have not entered our river for months. The coast or the Sandy or Clackamas Rivers are the place to be for chromers. Alex, one of our guides, is spending the winter guiding steelhead on the north coast near Tillamook. If you want to arrange an awesome guide trip with him, give us a call.

    TIght lines!! Amy Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler

    Deschutes River Fishing Report Friday November 8, 2013 3 PM

    Big gap since the last fishing report - this is more a reflection of how busy I am single handed in the store than any reflection of the quality of the fishing. We have had some good weather - lots of overcast, not too cold, and the steelhead fishing has been fair. Some days the steelhead are on the bite and other days they show little interest in grabbing flies. At this point they are spread out throughout the entire river and the entire lower river is open for steelhead. Trout anglers are now limited to targeting trout from the border of the Warm Springs Reservation north, through Maupin, to the confluence with the Columbia River. This means that you cannot fish for trout in the Warm Springs area, Mecca, Trout Creek, South Junction, etc. You can fish for trout year round in any area of the river that you access along the roads north and south of Maupin.

    In terms of crowds, from what we see on the river it is clear that many people believe that all of the steelhead travel together in one large group and that the large group of steelhead are located above Maupin. This is not the case, but the crowds upstream would have you believing that. In reality, there are steelhead still coming into the Deschutes after hanging out in the Columbia and a lot of those late run steelhead are big and bright. Reports of steelhead pushing 40 inches have been trickling through the fly shop in hushed whispers. There may not be huge numbers of such fish in the river, but it only takes one.....

    The lower access road has now been graded, and it is smooth but sharp. Keep your speeds down and you will avoid getting more flats than you have spares for. Just after the road gets smooth, I have seen many trucks with 4 flat tires at once. Slow down, enjoy the bighorn sheep on the hillsides, and your tires will thank you for it.

    The White River looked a little muddy yesterday when I drove over it on my way to Hood River for an emergency root canal. More on that later, but the river was not muddy like a glacial mud - it was more the color of a dark mud puddle than a latte. This will obviously put some color in the Deschutes but not enough to negatively impact the fishing. The White River is already dropping and that little puke of mud is probably half way to the Columbia River by now.

    If you happened to stop by the shop or call the shop yesterday between 1 PM and closing time, I was not answering the phone or helping customers due to an emergency dental situation. I tried to put it off as long as I could, but I was not able to sleep, or chew, or handle hot or cold food and beverages, and the pain was intense. I was fortunate to get the appointment in Hood River at the last minute, so the shop had to be closed for a few hours. I did have a chance to look at the White River and I saw a bobcat on the drive home in the dark crossing Hwy 197 between Dufur and Tygh Valley. That was cool. Better yet - no more pain!!

    As long as it stays mild, the private lakes are open for business. The fishing has been grand up there on our Grass Valley chain of lakes, so give us a call if you want to give it a try.

    That's about it from Maupin! Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you do! Tight lines, Amy Hazel

    Deschutes River Fishing Report - October 22, 2013

    We are deep into our steelhead season on the Deschutes and overall it has been a pretty darn good season despite what looked, early on, to be poor numbers of fish coming up the Columbia. The numbers got better and the best news of all is that the component of wild fish is very strong this year. This means more fish in the river with the aggressive nature of a native fish. Great news especially for fly anglers who like to swing on a floating line with surface and near surface flies. We are still enjoying water temps that are favoring the swing with small non-weighted classic patterns on floating line and floating leaders. Pink is a good color choice at this time of year, but any fly in which you have a lot of angling confidence is the one to use. I like a dull drab fly like the Lady Caroline, can sing "Sweet Caroline" while it swings through the water.

    The condition of the Deschutes is excellent right now and the crowds of a few weeks ago have subsided a bit thanks to the opening of a few hunting seasons and news of steelhead entering the Grande Ronde, Clearwater, and other rivers further up the Columbia system. The weather has been magnificent - crisp in the morning but up in the low 70s in the afternoons with zero wind.

    Once we got past the jinx of the full harvest moon - and it was a doozy - the trout fishing has been steadily improving. The trout are in a transitional period right now as the water cools. They will be moving out of the fast oxygenated riffles into the big back eddies where they don't have to expend much energy to stay in the current. Water flows are absolutely perfect and steady right now. Trout fishing stays open year round in the Maupin area - but it will be closing at the end of this month in the area of the river that borders the Warm Springs reservation. This includes Warm Springs, Mecca, Trout Creek and South Junction. The Maupin area fishes well all fall - right now we are having good to epic hatches of blue winged olives in the mid day.

    I have had quite a few concerned calls about the river drying up and the trout die off - and this has, unfortunately, happened on a section of the Deschutes near Bend. The mismanagement of the water resource is scary. However - if your upcoming trip is on the lower Deschutes between Warm Springs and the Columbia River, the water flows are normal and there has been no fish kill in this area. The area of the fish kill is 100 miles to the south.

    The trout fishing has been superb on our private lakes. The Grass Valley chain will remain open until freeze up - which is nowhere near happening. The weather has been delightful and the trophy trout are hungry.

    We are open everyday - though I am in the shop alone for the next 7 weeks while all of my guides are on the water doing camp trips. If you get an answering machine when you call, please leave a message or call back in 5 minutes - I can only give my full attention to one customer at a time and want to give each and every one of you the quality experience you have come to expect from Deschutes Angler. See you on your next trip to Maupin!! Tight lines,

    Amy Hazel

    Deschutes River Fishing Report October 7, 2013

    The White River is still muddy but the Deschutes below the White is clear enough to hook steelhead on floating lines and unweighted flies. The access road between Oakbrook and Jones Canyon is as bad as we have ever seen it. Trailers are breaking in half - two that we know of this week - and our vehicles are taking a beating. The river campgrounds and boat launches have signs on them that say that they are officially closed, but people are still using them without consequence. The fire ban is still in effect - but it is damp and cold out here today with lots of wind. Lots of wind.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report October 2, 2013

    The phone has not stopped ringing since the doors opened, unfortunately the calls are not from customers who want to buy let me address the two main questions that we have been getting right here in this fishing report:

    1. The Deschutes River is still muddy this morning below the confluence with the White River. The fresh blanket of white snow on Mt Hood indicates that things may be tightening up and the river should start to clear, however, the warm weekend forecast may melt the fresh snow and perpetuate the muddy condition of the White. We cannot predict how many days the White will be muddy enough to impact the Deschutes, but we hope that the conditions improve soon. The rest of the Deschutes, above the White, is clearing nicely and dropping. You should see it improving as the small tributaries drop in volume over the course of the day.

    2. The Federal Government shut down has not been an issue thus far on the Deschutes River. The campgrounds are all open, as there are no gates that could be shut to close them off even if they were closed. Since the Deschutes is managed by Federal and State agencies, we believe that everything is business as usual. Perhaps there will be fewer BLM rangers around, but I would not ignore campground fees with the assumption that nobody will check on these things.

    We are open daily from 9-5 and Sundays from 9-3. We will keep you posted to the best of our knowledge on the condition of the river. Tight lines, Amy Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report October 1, 2013

    Please note that the store hours changed today - we are now open 9-5 Monday thru Saturday and 9 to 3 on Sunday.

    The entire river, as we had feared it would, blew out last night. It is quite off color and large through town with about 2-3 feet of visibility. The river is much much worse below the White River - which is big and muddy and making the Deschutes unfishable below the confluence.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 30 4 PM

    The White River is huge and muddy and doesn't look to be coming into shape any time soon. Fortunately, it remained relatively clear today above the White River. Unfortunately, the small creeks that run through the Warm Springs Reservation are running high and mighty and the water flows out of the dam have spiked. This probably means that the rest of the river will likely blow out this afternoon - as we have it on good sources that it is already getting brown. The upper river blow out will be fairly short lived, but we do not expect the White River to tighten up any time soon. We will keep you posted...

    ALSO - Our winter hours start tomorrow: 9-5 Monday thru Sat and 9-3 Sunday

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 29, 2013

    This morning I drove downstream to take a look at the White River. As feared, it has blown out. This means that the Deschutes is muddy or is soon to be muddy from the confluence of the White River on downstream to the mouth. The river is still clear and fishable in the Maupin area and upstream and steelhead are spread out in the entire 100 miles of the lower Deschutes. The monsoon rains on the mountain over the past few days are the cause of the blow out. When it will clear up and come back into shape is anyone's guess. We will keep you posted when conditions change. Tight lines! Amy & John Hazel Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 24, 2013 11 AM

    Cool and rainy weather this week has been great for the steelhead fishermen - and there is no shortage of them on the river right now! Yep, it is prime time and the river is busy, so bring your own rock to stand on and try to be calm when you get low holed. The etiquitte is astonishingly poor this year - funnily enough the Oregon state police commented that they had broken up more fist fights on the lower river this year than ever before! Really people? It's just fishing.

    The telephone call of the day has been the question of what is happening with the White River - no big surprise, since it has been raining. As far as I know, the White River has been holding out okay - it is dirty but not big enough to impact the Deschutes yet. This could, of course, change at any time depending on what happens rain wise up on the mountain. But as of 11 AM on Tuesday, the conditions for fishing are good.

    Trout fishing has been just fair on dry flies and better on nymphs. They are packing on the fat for the winter ahead and grabbing caddis pupae and bigger stonefly patterns with enthusiasm. There are a lot of October Caddis around already - so this is a good time of year to fish orange flies for both trout and steelhead. We have a stonefly hatch right now too - not tons of bugs, but you may notice that familiar silhouette bumbling around int he air and dropping to the river to lay eggs. I was out on Thursday night when I noticed the big females ovipositing on the river. Just as I was training my eyes on a particularly clumsy flyer - a flash of rufous and some sharp talons plucked it out of the air. A beautiful male American Kestral, for you non-bird nerds that is the smallest falcon in North America, was putting on a show for me - hunting big stoneflies from his perch on the side of the river. He swooped down and grabbed the stoneflies with his talons and flew back to his perch to eat them. I had never seen this behavior even during the big May stonefly hatch. It was cool.

    Speaking of cool, the weather is just that right now and it is great for the fishing. With no bright sun in their eyes they have been grabby and surface oriented. Floating line, floating leader, and a small steetwalker or steelhead coachman is all you need to seduce a steelhead. No need to go deep - unless you like to fish sink tips and weighted flies. But steelhead are suspended in the water column, not hugging the bottom and the worst thing you could do is to swing your flies under them. Take advantage of the fact that these fish are aggressive and surface oriented - not very many places around where you can enjoy Spey casting a floating line and a skater and be productive at the same time! Tight lines,

    Amy Hazel Deschutes Angler

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 13, 2013

    The Deschutes is still a little cloudy but it is definitely in fishable shape right now. We have had a very spotty week, but the dam counts seem to point to a surge of steelhead on their way upriver - and they will be welcomed by our flies!

    Trout are happy and sipping caddis - which are making a nice surge with the hot weather this week. The forecast calls for a cooling trend starting on Sunday - clouds, temps in the 70s, good fishing weather.

    On a side note - one of our shop employees, Derek, is leaving us in early October to go back to Switzerland where his Swiss wife has landed a great nursing job. He will be missed! His departure opens up a position here at Deschutes Angler in our fly shop. Have you ever dreamed of living in Maupin with the Deschutes in your backyard? How do deep fly shop discounts sound? The job requires good people skills, good communication skills, a positive attitude, basic computer skills are a must, and a good knowledge of fly fishing gear is very helpful. We are accepting resumes and applications now. This is a really fun place to work and you also get to fly fish a lot! Great perks. send resumes and cover letters to

    Our private lakes are now open and the fish are fat and happy. Only the chain of lakes in Grass Valley open in the fall, so rod fees are $125 per person per day. Huge trophy rainbows....dry flies......super fun.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 10 10 AM The river remains the same, clear enough to hook fish below the confluence with the White, but not super duper clear anywhere. 3 feet of visibility. Our guides hooked fish yesterday - not a lot, but fish were hooked and landed and they were steelhead. Tight lines, Amy Hazel.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 9 9AM

    The river cleared all day yesterday and we feel that there is now clear enough water to fish below the White River. In fact, all of our guide boats put on this morning on the stretch of river below the White. The White River is the muddy problem, but it has dropped low enough to make just a slight impact on the Deschutes. That's all I know! Tight lines, Amy Hazel

    Deschutes River Fishing Report Sept 7 9 AM

    The latest report from the river is that it is clearing as quickly as we could have hoped. In the stretch through Maupin, where one of my guides fished on his own this morning, the report was 2-3 feet of visibility. Standing in the water up to his mid thigh, he could see his boot laces. That is great news!! John is teaching a Spey clinic today and he should be back by 5 PM with a report on the river below White River. I am sure that the people on overnight floats are in the mud flow right now down by the mouth. The good news is that the sun is shining and the river is clearing quickly. We should be in really good shape by tomorrow. We will keep you posted. Tight lines, Amy & John and the crew at Deschutes Angler

    Deschutes River Fishing Report Update September 6, 2 PM

    I just spoke with a friend who has a house right on the edge of the Deschutes in Maupin. He can see the river from his deck, and he called the shop to report that the river has been dropping and clearing since the blowout this morning. This is great news for anglers! Great news!! At this rate the river should be very fishable by Sunday. Even in the dirty water this morning, anglers visiting our shop today said that they saw trout rising and feeding with just inches of visibility.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report September 6, 2013

    Epic thunderstorm last night - it rained all night and continues to rain. The entire river is completely blown out. There is less than 4 inches of visibility - this is not good if you were planning on fishing this weekend on the Deschutes. The weather forecast calls for clearing dry conditions, so we think this will shape up fairly quickly....within a day or so. Tomorrow we are teaching a Spey clinic on the water, which will not be affected by this blow out. Due to a last minute cancellation, 2 spots just opened in the clinic. It is $195 and you float the river and get full Spey casting instruction from John and Amy Hazel. We use yarn in the clinics, not flies, so it won't matter one bit if the river is muddy. We should have the float all to ourselves.

    As for the condition of the Deschutes....I repeat, the entire river is a mud flow. The White River is, as of this morning, not really the problem. It is the same color as it was for the past week. Now, of course, this could all be changing as I type this, but we will do our best to keep you all informed as we learn more. If you call the shop for this report, you will simply get the exact info you are reading here.

    If you want one of the spots on the Spey clinic, give us a call at 541-395-0995.

    Tight lines!

    Amy & John Hazel at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report August 30, 2013

    The river is a lot better now than it was two days ago. There is still some debris in the water but clarity is four feet or more. We had trips on the river yesterday and fish were hooked - both steelhead and trout. THis holiday weekend may be busy...lots of vehicles rolling into town right now. Tight lines, Amy & John Hazel Deschutes Angler

    Deschutes River Fishing Report August 27, 2013 Half Past 6 PM

    Just got word from two of my guides who headed up river to float Warm Springs to Trout Creek today. They just got off the water and said that it was still dirty but seemed to be clearing. Reports from the edge of the river in Maupin also say that the river seems to be clearing up a little bit. The fishing was tough on the WS to TC float (just below the dam) because of the debris and dirt in the water. I don't think any trout came to the fly today.

    The river flows out of the Madras gauge show that the river jumped quite a bit in the last two days but the flows now seem to be leveling off. There could be good clarity improvement overnight, we hope, so we will keep you posted on that front. Tight Lines, Amy & John Hazel Deschutes Angler

    Deschutes River Update August 27, 2013 9AM

    The river is still very off color in Maupin and below. The White River is actually NOT the problem. The water that is coming out of the dam is very colored and this is causing the Deschutes to be off color for the entire 100 miles. Yesterday we sent out the guides at O Dark Thirty for steelhead trips. When they launched at Pine Tree, Beavertail, and Macks the river was fine. Clients hooked steelhead, all was well, then the mud hit. The mud hit John first on the Pine Tree to Beavertail stretch. It was so bad by 10 AM that he pulled off. The mud hit Evan a little later - he was on the Beavertail to Macks stretch. By the time the mud hit him, his client had already hooked and landed a steelhead and had another one on. Alex was floating from Macks to the Mouth on a one day trip. He had no idea that a mud ball was coming down the river behind him. His clients hooked 4. The mud reached them in the late afternoon when they were just a few miles from the mouth. So they dodged the big mud bullet all day without even knowing it. The trout trip that Steve was supposed to do got rescheduled because the mud was thick in Maupin by the time he went to pick up his clients at 8:00 AM. We were hoping that the mud was coming from a tributary, like Trout Creek. Alas, that was not the case. So, there was no escaping the muddy water yesterday, and the mud continues today. I have two guides on recon doing the Warm Springs to Trout Creek float today. They will be able to give me a report as to the conditions up there and I will post that news when I get it this afternoon. Again, this is all I know. This is all anyone in the shop knows. We will not be able to tell you anything more over the phone. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news....but Mother Nature had her say this week. Tight lines!

    Amy & John Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop on the river in Maupin

    Deschutes River Fishing Report

    August 26, 2013

    Last night we had a HUGE thunderstorm in Central Oregon. As a result, the ENTIRE Deschutes River is now muddy. The water is coming out of the Pelton Dam muddy - due to the huge runoff into the Crooked, Deschutes, and Metolious Rivers. We do not have any idea how quickly the river will clear itself - we suspect it will gradually get a little better tomorrow and the next day since there is no rain in the forecast. The White River is also adding to the problems of visibility. It looks like a latte. Actually the entire river above and below the White is pretty much like chocolate milk. We would have posted this news sooner, but the Internet connection was down due to the storm and we just got it back. We promise to post again as conditions change. Calling the shop for an update will not get you any news fresher than what we write in this fishing report. We all hope it clears up soon.

    Tight lines! Wherever you may fish....

    Amy & John Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler

    Deschutes River Fishing Report August 5, 2013

    The cool weather we had over the last week has come to an end and the temps. are heating up again. The hot weather bodes well for strong caddis hatches over the next week making for some great dry fly fishing. The cool weather definitely slowed the dry fly fishing down but the nymph fishing remained strong. This is the time of year when you need to start fishing small caddis in the 18 to 20 range on 6x tippet to have the most success. Morning and evenings have been the strongest fishing but mid-day can be quite good if get into the shady spots up under the trees. Steve and Alex recently did a camp trip from Trout Creek to Harpham and had some of the best fishing they have ever seen and there were literally no other anglers to be found. So if you are itching for some trout now is a great time to be out.

    The steelhead fishing has had its ups and downs over the last couple weeks largely due to the changing weather conditions. The cool weather definitely brought some fish into the river and there was a handful of great days followed by warming air and water temps. which slowed everything down. The last few days have been tough across the board whether you are fishing around the Mouth or Maupin. The best time to fish with this new heat wave is early morning until about 2 in the afternoon. The evening fishing is really not worth it considering water temps are 68 to 70 degrees. Don’t let the sun deter you, our guides have been successful in the blazing sun on floating lines. Pray for cooler weather to bring more fish into the river.

    Our guide calendar is getting pretty full but we still have some availability if anyone is interested in learning the finer points of spey casting and steelhead fishing. We also have spots available in couple of our John Day Camp Trips. If you are interested give us a call at (541)395-0995.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report July 24, 2013

    The official word from the BLM is that the river opened last night at 6PM in section 1 which is Warm Springs to Nena boat launch. The fire is still very large and the smoke is heavy, but the managing agencies feel good right now about the direction that the fire is heading. This could change as quickly as the wind changes direction, so check out the website for up to the minute information. It is hot and smoky out here, but fishing has been pretty decent for trout. It has been very spotty for steelhead.

    Deschutes River Fishing Report July 23, 2013

    The Deschutes River is closed from Warm Springs to Nena (just upstream of Maupin) due to a fire that is raging on the Warm Springs Reservation across from Trout Creek and South Junction. The South Junction campground is closed to drive in traffic and camping. The entire river in the area around Maupin and down to the mouth of the Deschutes remains open. The fire is not threatening anything around the Maupin area. The fire has NOT jumped the Deschutes River but it is threatening to do so. Yesterday the fire was only 10% contained but now they say 20%. There are 400 fire fighters as well as airplanes and helicopters working on the blaze. Helicopters are dipping into the Deschutes to get water to douse the flames. So far, the only homes that have been threatened are on the Reservation and most have been saved. Here is a link to the latest report on the fire: Warm Springs Fire

    We will keep you posted.

    Tight lines,

    Amy & John Hazel Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report July 22, 2013

    I know everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that first good steelhead report and the good news is we have been finding a few fish here and there. By no means is it red hot but there are definitely some fish kicking around the lower river. The difficulty right now is the hot weather has led to some high temps. in the lower river which means lower oxygen and stressed out fish. Once these fish are stressed it is damn hard to get them to eat anything whether that be a spoon, plug or fly. If you are willing to brave the heat, hedge your bet in the morning time when water temps. are at their coolest and just forget about fishing in the evening. When the sun gets high just switchover to sink-tips and fish until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon and seek shade for the remainder of the day. Pray for cooler weather to get the water temps. down and I think fishing will only improve.

    The trout fishing continues to be steady with waves of caddis and aquatic moths coming off in the evening. The hatches are cyclical so some days are better than others but regardless the fishing has been consistent. Because of the heat it is good idea to fish early in the morning and late in the evening. Dead caddis are the standard fair in the morning and if you can’t stay late, plan on nymph fishing in the middle of the day. Caddis pupa and small mayfly attractor nymphs are the most productive typically fished in fairly heavy water considering the warmer water temps. The evening fishing has been variable with caddis coming off in flurries on some nights and barely making a showing on others. Regardless of the hatch size, you will be able to find fish on dries by targeting likely looking holding water.

    Fishing pressure is light right now making it a good time of year to come out whether you are steelhead or trout fishing. We are open 7 days a week so stop on by if you are out even if it is just to shoot the breeze. Hope to see you soon.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report July 8, 2013

    Fourth of July weekend is now over and the canyon, miraculously, did not burn down. As expected, the fishing pressure over the weekend was super light while the rafting traffic was high. The good news is the hot weather we had last week brought the caddis out in full force over the weekend and those who braved the float parade had some damn good fishing. Dead caddis and diving caddis dominated the morning time while emerging caddis and pupas took care of business in the afternoon into the evening. With the stable weather, I would expect the caddis fishing to continue to be strong throughout the remainder of the summer. There are also plenty of aquatic moths and a few craneflies are also thrown into the mix.

    The river itself is in prime shape with perfect flows and fantastic clarity. My guess is they have begun to change the mix at the dam because the river has not looked this good all season. The White river was spitting a little bit at the end of last week but has promptly cleared up. Hopefully it stays clear for the rest of season.

    I am sure many of you are getting antsy to get out and start swinging flies for steelhead. As of right now I have only heard of one fish being caught between Macks and the Mouth but it certainly is a good sign. The Columbia is starting to get warm and the Deschutes is steadily cooling off and as long as this trend continues we should have good fishable numbers by the end of July. The counts over the dam don’t look that great right now but don’t fret yet because 2009 didn’t look that great early on and in the end was one of the best runs in a hundred years. If you need to get out and try your luck, fish down low in the early morning while water temps. are good.

    That is all from Maupin and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report June 28, 2013

    With the heavy rains last week the river bumped up quite a bit which really hurt the fishing for a few days. Fortunately it is now on the drop and the clarity is improving plus we are expecting some super hot weather over the next week which will get the caddis popping. There are still tons of aquatic moths out and the caddis hatches are steadily improving. With the hot weather, plan on starting your day early and fishing hard until lunch time then give it rest until 5 or 6 p.m. If you want to punish yourself in the middle of the day, plan on stringing up some nymphs and split shot and target heavily aerated water. Don’t be shy with weight because those fish will be hugging the bottom. For the dry fly enthusiast, hit the foam lines and back eddies early in the morning and you are sure to find some bank feeders. As the sun gets on the water, add a dropper about two feet behind your dry and target shaded areas. The evening fishing should be a no brainer with this up and coming heat wave.

    The lakes are continuing to fish amazingly with adult damsels blanketing the surface. Fish are literally jumping 2 to 3 feet out of the water to grab mouthfuls of damsels. We currently have three of our Grass Valley lakes open and you don’t want to miss this opportunity. The fish are on average larger because of the ravenous feeding and plentiful food this time of year. You can dry fly fish all day and there is little to no wind to contend with. If you are interested in getting up their give us a call ASAP at (541)395-0995.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report June 24, 2013

    The fishing has been fair to mediocre as of late due to a lack of hatches on the river. The caddis flurries we are accustomed to seeing this time of year have yet to materialize and our best guess is the variable weather conditions over the last two weeks are the root cause. Without the regular hatches the dry fly fishing gets super difficult. On a brighter note the nymph fishing has been very consistent over the last few weeks. Caddis pupa and small attractors have been the top producing bugs, typically fished with a couple pieces of split shot and an indicator. For those savvy nymph fishermen, rig up a czech leader and hit all the big rip rap walls and you are sure to find some big boys. For the diehard dry fly fishermen, you are going to have to hunt them out in the most premium bank feeder water. Most of the time it has been blind casting but occasionally we will run across a nice fish regularly working the surface. Small caddis such as the X Caddis, E/C Caddis and Rocky Road Caddis have been the most consistent. There are also a fair number of aquatic moth buzzing around so it is worth tossing one around.

    The lakes are still open due to the cooler weather we have had for the last few weeks and the fishing is the best I have seen all season. Steve and I did a guide trip the other day and the fishing was unreal. Midges and damsels were out in full force and then mid-day we had a blanket hatch of callibaetis like I have never seen before. The fish were just gorging themselves and our clients caught multiple fish well over 20 inches and they hard fighting machines. The surface water temps. are 65 so it is important to play the fish quickly and release as fast as possible. As far as Steve and I know we suffered zero attrition that particular day. If you are interested in the lakes give us a call and we will make it happen.

    We have also been out guiding on the John Day for smallmouth bass and it has been fantastic. It is not uncommon to hook into well over 50 plus fish in a day on poppers as well as sub surface patterns. Most of the fish are 8 to 13 inches but there are always a few beauties throw in the mix. If you like constant action in a stunning place, consider doing a John Day Bass trip.

    That is all from Maupin and we hope to see you soon!

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report June 7, 2013

    Amazingly enough the fish are still chowing down on big bugs after a month of gorging themselves. The number of bugs hanging around the bushes and trees is significantly less but the fish are still willing and eager. The Warm Springs area certainly has more bugs than any other stretch of the river if you are looking to “chase the hatch” but we have still been getting fish below Sherars Falls on the big bugs. That being said there are plenty of other hatches throughout the day such as PMD’s, Pink Alberts, PED’s, Yellow Sallies and the of course evening caddis fishing. So take your pick and be ready to change as the hatches change.

    Nymph fishing is also quite good right now with small mayfly and caddis pupa nymphs fished in tandem with or without an indicator. Split shot is mandatory to get the flies down quickly especially in faster moving water. Don’t be afraid to fish either your dry or nymphs in fast water particularly in the morning before any hatch has developed. Force the fish to make a quick decision.

    The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and the fishing should continue to be strong on an assortment of insects throughout the next week. And if the river is too daunting and frustrating you can always opt to visit one of our many private lakes which continue to fish well. Damsel flies are the standard fair and it is super fun fishing. There is nothing subtle about the way a 20 inch trout devours a damsel fly. It looks like someone threw a boulder into the lake. We still have room so give us a call if you are interested.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report May 23, 2013

    Twelve days since the last fishing report! Sorry about that, we have been so darn busy in here and on the river that we barely have time to breathe. The fishing has been OUTSTANDING in the past 3 weeks. Yesterday and the day before we had fantastic hatches of GREEN DRAKES - giant sausage body mayflies that are like floating Snickers bars to the trout. The river at times was literally EXPLODING with rising fish. This hatch happened (as far as I know from talking to my guides and from what I saw while out guiding the river myself) from well above the locked gate all the way down below Mack's Canyon. Part of my guide crew was on the Trout Creek to Maupin stretch and they hammered them on stonefly dries on Monday - the sunny day - and wailed on them (30+ trout days per angler) on mayfly dries on Tuesday the rainy day. Wednesday (yesterday) was blustery and rainy but still proved to be an excellent day for dry flies. Several customers came into the shop jacked out of their minds after an amazing day of dry fly fishing. The mayflies on the menu right now are many - Pale Morning Duns (Ephermerella inermis) Pale Evening Duns (Heptagenia solitaria) Pink Alberts (Epeorus Albertus) Green Drakes (Ephermerella grandis) and Blue Winged Olives (Baetis). It is best to be armed with several different mayfly patterns in different sizes and colors. Also, fish all the stages of the mayfly from nymph to emerger to cripple to adult to spinner.

    So what about THE HATCH??? - you know, salmonflies..... well it is still happening. The thing is, the stoneflies (all salmonflies are stoneflies but not all stoneflies are salmonflies) hunker down during the cold rainy weather. They are still in the bushes, but taking a break from flying until the sun shines and things warm up. The sun is out now, but the weather is still quite cool, so we don't expect to see lots of stones onthe wing until it warms up. The hatch has been happening for over three weeks now in the Maupin area. The bug populations on Monday on the stretch between Beavertail and Macks Canyon were still decent, but the cold front that blew in on Tuesday knocked them back. There are good populations, however, of the small stonefly known as the Little Yellow Sally. These bright yellow mini stones lay red/orange eggs and will be a significant food source for the trout for the next month or more. We have very few salmonflies (Pteronarcys californica) in the Maupin area. The Golden Stoneflies (Hesperoperla pacifica) are the dominent stonefly - and are more significant to the trout due to the fact that they lay their eggs by landing on the water. Giant Salmonflies drop their eggs from the sky - so they are less available to the trout than the goldens. Hot weather is key, so plan your trip to the Deschutes to coincide with heat if you want to fish the big bugs. The crowds can be insane on the Warm Springs to Trout Creek stretch at this time of year - so the Maupin area is a better bet if you want to avoid the crowds. I was the only boat on my float on Monday and on Tuesday. We didn't see another angler. 8 miles of river all to ourselves during the salmonfly hatch - not bad! On that same day there were over 270 boaters fishing between Warm Springs and Maupin.

    For those of you who came to the river despite the horrible weather yesterday, pat yourselves on the back - you hit one of the most prolific insane dry fly hatches of the year.

    I am headed up to our private lakes today to get some video footage of some huge rainbow trout feeding on the surface. We have great dry fly fishing on the lakes right now - we are talking callibaetis mayflies, and adult damsels. The weather has kept the lakes cool and the fishing has been absolutely dynamite. We are quite busy this weekend on the Grass Valley chain, but we do have room on the Shaniko Lakes if you want to wail on some huge trophy rainbows.

    I hope you all have a chance to break away from the rain in Portland to the sunny side of the mountains. The fishing is as good as we have seen it in 30 plus years of guiding this river. We have one spot available in a camp trip going out on June 2, 3, 4, which will be a float from Trout Creek to Maupin. This will be a dry fly bonanza!! The trip costs $1275 plus boater pass. You will be in the hands of the best guides on the river, you will dine and rest in an elaborate camp - full sized dining table in the wall tent in the evenings - and you will sleep like a baby on the padded cots in the full sized walk-in tents. The stoneflys will still be on the menu - this is your chance to take advantage of the best trip in Oregon. One spot only....

    The Deschutes is in fantastic shape, the bugs are here, the trout are healthy and happy, and it is time for YOU to hit the river!

    Tight lines,

    Amy Hazel and the entire crew at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report May 11, 2013

    The weather the last few days has been downright hot with highs in the mid-90’s and the big bugs have been flying by the thousands. The fish are now very keyed in on the big bugs and the fishing has been good for almost a week. The word is out and this weekend we have seen quite a few anglers coming in to town to chase the hatch. That being said it really is not that busy compared to years past. Remember there is almost 40 miles of accessible water along the east bank so there is always water available. The fishing has been great below the falls and yet the last three times I have gone down there I haven’t seen a soul. The busiest stretch, as usual, is the paved stretch in town so if you want to escape other anglers think about heading down stream.

    Aside from the big bugs, there have been awesome hatches of both caddis and Pale Evening Duns. The last hour of last night I did much better with Pale Evening Duns then Big Bugs so be ready to change it up if needed. Reports coming in from today suggest the fishing has been fantastic with a little cooler temps. and high overcast. The weather is supposed to cool down over the next week which will prolong the hatch for several more weeks.

    The lakes have also been fishing well for the angler that wants a more solitary experience. We have had little to no wind over the last week which means awesome dry fly fishing sun up to sun down. The damsels are now out in full force and fish have been chowing down on them. The damsel hatch is one of the most fun to fish because the fish take the flies so aggressively. Think steelhead rise to a dry fly. No midge sipping just total water moving explosions. Weekends are pretty full right now but if you are interested in weekday we can certainly arrange it.

    That is all from Maupin and we hoped to see you out here soon

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report May 8, 2013

    The weather has been beautiful in Maupin lately with highs just under 90 which has stirred the stoneflies from hibernation. That’s right the big bugs are here and the fish are chowing down and there is literally nobody, other than our guide staff, fishing right now. Nothing like fishing to eager trout feeding on big bugs with no pressure on the river. If you have sick days now is the time to cash them in and get out here before the bulk of anglers show up. Maupin is teaming with bugs and the lower river has enough to get the fish excited.

    The flies of choice are the standard Deschutes stoneflies such as Norm Wood Special, Clark Stone and of course the Chubby Chenobyl. I was out two days ago and had fish take all three patterns recklessly and I am convinced they would have taken anything resembling a stonefly. Remember that stoneflies like trees and grass and hence the fish are in the “Jungle Water” we have talked about for years. Be willing to trample, trip and tumble to get that virgin water because any trails that did exist are overgrown again.

    The weekend is looking prime with highs in the 90s and overcast skes with a chance of rain which is about as good as the weather can get for stonefly season. You cannot miss this weekend because we only get a handful of days with overcast and high temperatures. In addition to Stoneflies, there are already caddis flurries and huge Pale Evening Dun hatches in the late afternoon and fish are actively feeding on both in the evening time. Be prepared to mix it up as different hatches materialize throughout the day.

    The lakes are continuing to fish well with damsels, callibaetis and midges throughout the day. Barring a wind storm you can fish dries from sun up to sun down. Sub surface fishing continues to be good with damsel nymphs and chironomids taking the most fish. We still have plenty of availability if you want to wail on big trout with dries without competition. Just give the shop a call if you want to get up to the lakes.

    That is all from Maupin and I cannot overemphasize getting your ass out here ASAP.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report May 4, 2013

    Sorry to all of you who are on the river today, because the wind is HOWLING. It will make it tough out there. Tomorrow is supposed to be better, less windy anyway, so come on out to the Deschutes to see the first Salmonflies of the year. Yes, you heard right, there are a few Salmonfly Adults out and about on the banks down stream of Maupin. This is great news - another year and the hatch delivers on time. We expect the bushes in Maupin to be crawling with the big bugs by next weekend. Does that mean that all the trout will be keyed into them and eating them from the surface? Probably not - unless the really nice hot weather continues and then the bugs will put things into high gear, fly, mate, and hit the water with their eggs. The hatch tends to last several weeks if not a full month, thanks to the fact that the bigger Salmonflies show first, followed in short order by the slightly smaller but no less impressive golden stones.

    The action typically starts down in the lower river - think access road down to Mack's Canyon. Guys who were down there today came back windblown but with live specimens to share. Yep, real live full blown adult salmonflies - some with eggs dripping off their back ends. The eggs are what I like to refer to as Deschutes caviar. Try those eggs sometime in the next few weeks - they are actually quite tasty. They are like a mini version of the bright orange flying fish eggs that you find on the edges of your sushi rolls. But, I digress.

    By next Saturday, if the weather pattern holds, we will have grassy banks from Mack's Canyon up through Maupin thick with adult stoneflies. Stoneflies are the same thing as salmonflies and golden stones and little yellow sallies, All are in the stonefly family as is the stonefly that occurs in March that we call the skwala. We are not really sure how the name salmonfly came about but we can guess that it may have something to do with their color, or possibly that they appear at the same time as the Spring Chinook. We tend to call them stoneflies, but many people don't get as excited about fishing stoneflies as they do about fishing SALMONFLIES!! Yeah, I see that. Just looking back at the last sentence that I typed...the latter looks a lot more exciting.

    Whatever you want to call them, they are on the verge of a huge emergence. There is no stopping them now. Get ready for the big bug invasion!! If you want to freak out your non-bug-loving significant other, now is the time to propose a romantic walk along the river's edge. Wait until late afternoon on a nice hot day and you can be sure to see someone get the heebie jeebies when a 4.5" long prehistoric looking insect alights on your sweetie's back and craws up and onto the bare nape of the neck. Even I, after 15 years of guiding this hatch, eating salmonfly caviar, eating the actual live salmonflies ($20 a pop to see that trick during a guide trip- and my rates are skyrocketing as you read this), even I grab the little buggers with lightning fast reflexes when I feel those six prickly legs on the back of my neck.

    The fly bins are jam packed with big dry flies, tons of nymphs, tons of every bug that hooks fish on the Deschutes. The private lakes are fishing red hot awesome right now too if you want to pay to play for a day. One guy called this morning from the lakes at 110 AM and had already landed 25 rainbow trout between 17" and 28" - he got there at 9:00 AM. It is on fire! Summer is here...get out and go fish! Tight lines,

    Amy Hazel and the gang at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report April 24, 2013

    Fishing on the river has started to pick up some momentum over the last week with super strong hatches in the middle of the day. The weather is absolutely stunning as I write this report and is only going to improve over the course of the next few weeks. March Browns are the primary hatch as of right now. The number of bugs showing up over the last few days is off the charts. Definitely the largest March Brown hatches I have personally witnessed on the Deschutes. The hatch has been like clockwork popping everyday at 2:00 pm and continuing on until well after 4:00 pm. You will have to move around to stay on rising fish throughout the hatch but you can get them on dries for a consistent two hours.

    Harley, Bob and myself (Evan) floated Trout Creek to Maupin this last weekend and had some of the best dry fly fishing yet this year. We had to make the heroic row from the put in to the reservation boundary which we timed perfectly, pulling into the first fishable spots around 10 pm. We patiently waited for the hatch and poof it showed up right at 2:00 pm and we had fantastic fishing until well after 6 pm. The Spun Dun March Brown in size 14 was the fly of choice with a March Brown soft hackle as a trailer.

    Salmonfly season is only a couple weeks away and we are definitely excited to see the big bugs flying around with big hungry trout aggressively slamming the dry. With the new dam program the hatch will start earlier than it historically has so we plan to be fishing big bugs as early as May 8th in the Maupin area. If you want to get out and fish the big bugs with one of our professional guides, give us a call soon because the calendar is quickly filling up. The hatch typically continues into the first week of June so there is a good window of opportunity.

    We also have spots left in our set date Salmon fly camp trips that we do from Trout Creek to Maupin. There are two trips: one is May 29, 30 and 31 and the other is June 2, 3 and 4 if you want to get a taste of the fantastic trout fishing in the upper river above Maupin. This is great opportunity to do a camp trip without the hassle of having to put together a group, simply call us and sign up.

    The lakes are on fire right now with good hatches of midge and callibaetis everyday. The water temps are still cool and the fish are super feisty so it is great time to try your hand at some big boys. Don’t let the wind scare you off because the fishing is still outrageous even in heavy winds. If you are interested in getting up there before it gets too warm, give us a call at the shop and we will set it up. That is all from Maupin, we look forward to seeing you out on the water soon.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report April 5, 2013

    We know it has been awhile since our last fishing report and we want to apologize for the delay. We are currently working on building a new website that has everyone on staff busting their butts 7 days a week leaving little time for anything else. The new website is impressive and we look forward to unveiling it hopefully by the beginning of May so stay tuned.

    The trout fishing on the Deschutes has been consistently good for this time of year. We are seeing a variety of insect life. BWO’s are still the primary hatch but each day there are more and more March Browns showing up. The Skwalla stones are also out in good numbers making for some great dry fly fishing. It is primarily a nymph game in the morning with big stonefly nymphs picking up the majority of the fish. The main hatch is showing up between 1 and 20 in the afternoon depending on the weather. The hatch is typically later in the day when the sun is shining and sooner with overcast skies. It is good idea to carry a variety of adults and cripples of both March Browns and BWO’s to give yourself the best opportunity. The evening fishing has also been quite good with a variety of caddis in sizes 14 and 16 buzzing around.

    The salmonfly hatch is just around the corner and we expect it to show up in Maupin around the 12th of May. Our guide calendar is filling up quickly so if you are interested in getting a guide give us a call soon. The hatch typically continues through the first week of June and some years even later. Can’t wait to see those big bugs buzzing around!

    The lakes have been on fire with the mild winter and spring we have had thus far. Water temps are already in the low 50’s and the fish are super happy. Chironomid fishing in the morning has been dynamite and the mid-day midge hatches have been super consistent. Wooly buggers are always a good standby when the afternoon lull sets in but be ready for more hot midge action in the evening. We have seen a few Callibaetis buzzing around but not what we would consider to be a hatch. Another week or so and the Callibaetis should be out in full force opening a larger window of dry fly opportunity. If you are interested in getting up to the lakes give us a call at the shop. If it is going to be your first time going up there or you want to improve you Stillwater tactics consider hiring a guide to give you the lay of the land and strategize where you want to be on the lake at what time with the right bugs. The guide fee is $325.00 for up to 5 people and includes float tubes, fins, nets and of course lunch and beverages plus unbelievable expertise.

    That is all the news from Maupin and we hope to see you out here soon.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

    Deschutes River Fishing Report February 2, 2013

    It has been pointed out to me today by a very good customer, that I have been horribly delinquent in the upkeep of my fishing report. Yes, I most certainly have, and I truly apologize to all of our faithful customers and Deschutes enthusiasts. I took a hiatus from the fishing report, but not on purpose. My energies have been diverted as of late by several projects that we have going on - the two new blogs which we are building:

    Steelhead Tribune

    Trout Tribune

    and we are also doing a complete overhaul of our website, which is taking over my life! So, I have not had a day off or a chance to go fishing, and I really should because it has been GOOD out there in recent days since the weather got nice. The warming trend as of the past few days has resulted in EPIC hatches of Blue Wing Olives in the mid-day. The dry fly fishing has been excellent during the magic hours of noon to two or even three. How do I know this if I have not wet a line? Well, I have my reliable sources. I have a secret army of anglers whom I trust for accurate and honest reports when I cannot get to the river. These people shall go unnamed, and the exact location of their successful fishing forays shalt not be revealed by moi.

    In addition to the BWOs there are good caddis hatches and we are expecting to see the first stoneflies on the banks soon - our skwala stones. In between good dry fly sessions, you are very likely to hook up with some spectacular trout on deep sunk nymphs. That crazy and simple pattern, the Jimmy Legs, has once again been the hero of the day for many. Other go to bugs would be the blueberry nymph, red lightning bugs, anato may nymphs, as well as standard pheasant tails with or without a bead head. The river shouldn't be too crowded tomorrow - Superbowl Sunday - so if you could care less about the game, you may as well go fishing! I will be watching the commercials in between the plays more than the game itself. The plan for my next steelhead fly in the Bronco series (see the steelehadtribune fly tying video) is to tie the same fly in the color scheme of the superbowl winner.

    I will make a true effort to keep you up to date on the Deschutes for the rest of the year. My fishing report vacation is over now, and I will get back to the regular updates that you all deserve.

    Tight lines!

    Amy Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report December 13, 2012

    Hey all you anglers out there! I bet you are trapped at home with company holiday parties to attend, shopping to get done, gifts to wrap, and so on and so forth. Well, we are here for you to make your holiday shopping as painless as possible.

    We woke up this morning to frost on everything. The roads were really slick and the fog was thick. It should clear up before long. If you do make the trip to Maupin, carefully, you are going to have the river to yourself. How does that sound? The Deschutes River all to yourself. Well, you will have to share it with thousands of trout and steelhead....but most of you wouldn't mind that. The trout fishing continues to be better than average and the steelhead are now settling in for their long winter. If you are still fishing for them you may find them in deep holes where the water is froggy and slow. The fish we have hooked in the past two weeks have been, for the most part, fairly bright and quite powerful. Good times!

    We are going to take some time off between Christmas and New Years, so the shop will be closed from December 23 through January 2 - reopening on the 3rd. I probably will not be writing a fishing report between now and the 3rd, but our new blog will be updated with videos and articles during the break.

    Happy Holidays to you all! We will see you in the new year! Tight lines,

    Amy & John Hazel and the crew at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop

    Deschutes River Fishing Report December 2, 2012

    Well the heavy rains over the last two days have brought the river up about 500 cfs overnight which does not bode well for fishing over the next few days. Kind of a bummer considering fishing had finally started to pick up with guys finding one or two steelhead day which quite frankly is better then most during the heat of the season. Hopefully the rain will subside and the river will drop back into shape over the next few days. The clarity is fine both above and below white river but the river is carrying some serious volume.

    If trout is what you are after then you are in luck because the trout fishing has been very consistent. We are seeing strong hatches of BWO’s in the middle of the day and the nymph fishing is strong throughout the day. The fish are fairly spread out because this is the time of year when they start looking for their winter spots in slow moving back eddies and flats. So you will find fish in a wide variety of water types as this migration continues throughout the month.

    If you are looking for some good consistent fishing then check out our lakes. We have had strong hatches of midges in the middle of the day and fantastic sub surface fishing from morning till night. Woolly buggers and chironomid are the best patterns throughout the day. The lakes should continue to be open for a few more weeks so if you are itching to get out give us a call.

    Tight Lines,

    Deschutes Angler Staff

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