Winston BIII TH
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Winston BIII TH

Price: $1,199.00
Product ID : Winston BIII TH



THE BORON III TH series was designed with input from some of the finest spey casters in the world and successfully builds on Winston’s two-handed tradition of handcrafting perfectly balanced, responsive, high-performance rods. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this series is more powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the incredibly popular Boron IIx two-handed series it replaces. This rod is also lightweight and allows an angler to present a fly with incredible accuracy and cast long distances, with ease. The Boron III TH is the ideal selection for any style of two-handed angling and can easily transition between Touch-and-Go, Underhand and Sustained Anchor techniques. No matter if you’re fishing Traditional Spey, Skagit, Scandi or Switch lines, this series will meet the challenge. Offering extraordinary power, responsiveness and accuracy, the Boron III TH is perfectly balanced to enhance line delivery and minimize fatigue. This series has unquestionably set a new standard in the world of two-handed rods.


Action: Fast

Grip: Two-handed

Sections: 4-piece

Color: Winston green

Guides: TiCH finished stripper guide with nanoplasma ring casting, chrome snake guides

Reel Seat(s): Anodized aluminum, down locking

Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo tech rod sock

Rod Weights: 6wt.-9wt.

6110-4: This rod is best suited for medium sized summer steelhead rivers that have limited back casting room. Great for both swinging on a floating line or with light sink tip as well as nymphing tactics.Line recommendations: 390 gn. Scandi, 420 gn. Rage Compact, 450 gn. Skagit Short

6116-4: A slightly beefier version of the 6110-4 more suited to swinging flies for steelhead on medium sized rivers. Perfect for the Trinity, Rogue and Klamath where the average size steelhead is a little smaller. Great half-pounder rod. Line recommendations: 390 gn. Scandi, 420 gn. Rage Compact, 450-480 gn. Skagit Short

6126-4: A fantastic summer steelhead rod suited to broad range of river types. This rod is equally adept at throwing scandi and Skagit shooting heads with your choice of leader or sink tip. Line recommendations: 390 gn. Scandi, 420 gn. Rage Compact, 450-480 gn. Skagit Short

7129-4: The perfect coastal winter steelhead rod designed to deliver big bugs and tips in tight quarters. This rod has a fairly fast action allowing you to deliver maximum power with a short casting stroke. Line recommendations: 435 gn. Scandi, 450 gn. Rage Compact, 500-550 gn. Skagit Short

7133-4: One of the best rods made by Winston that is super versatile for just about any steelhead fishing situation. This rod can cast a wide variety of line types effortlessly from scandi to skagit to mid-bellies. Best for bigger rivers from Northern California to British Colombia. Line recommendations: 450 gn. Scandi, 480 gn. Rage Compact, 500-550 gn. Skagit

8136-4: Think big fish and big water. This rod delivers exceptional power with little to no effort and excels at chucking big flies with Skagit heads. Headed to the Skeena, Clearwater or Thompson this is the go to rod. Line recommendations: 480 gn. Scandi, 510 gn. Rage Compact, 550-600 gn. Skagit

8140-4: Best suited for those who like to fish mid and long belly lines whether floating or sinking. The extra 6 inches adds a lot of lifting power making it easy to break the surface tention with long lines. This rod can also easily handle scandi and skagit shooting heads. Line recommendations: 510 gn. Scandi, 540 gn. Rage Compact, 575-650 gn. Skagit, 570 gn. Mid-Belly

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