Clear Cure Goo Brushable Kit with Light
A snazzy kit with the three brushable goo's and the needed LED drying light.
Fly Fishing Zap Quick Set Epoxy
A two part epoxy that dries in five minutes is great for epoxy back nymphs...
Hard As Hull Cement
Hard-as-Hull is a quick drying head cement that uses acrylic polymers and...
Loon Fluorescing
Loon Fly Tying Powder - Bright Series
Loon Fly Tying Powder - Earth Tone Series
Loon Fly Tying Powder - Flash Series
Loon Fly Tying Powder - Phosphorescent
Loon Fly Tying Powder - Primary Series
Loon Fly Tying Powder - Tungsten
Loon Hard Head
Odorless, non-toxic, one part thick head cement perfect for building colorful...
Loon Mixing Cup
The Mixing Cup is the perfect vessel for modifying head cements and UV Clear...
Loon Soft Head
Loon UV Clear Finish - Thick
UV Clear Fly Finish is for those who believe "five minutes to cure is five...
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Flow
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thin
Loon UV Fly Tying Kit
Loon Water-Based Head Cement
A thin, odorless, non-toxic water based Head Cement with applicator system...
Premium Dubbing Wax
A sticky wax designed to help hold together loose dubbing.
Pro Sportfisher Pro UV Resin Builder
Pro Sportfisher Thin/Flex UV Resin
Solarez Ultra Thin Bone Dry
Zap A Gap
A fast drying liquid super glue for building bomb proof flies that will last...