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Spey Rods, Spey Reels, Spey Lines, Spey Casting Instruction
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Let's face it, when you are using your car or truck to move from spot to spot along the river, breaking down your rod is a huge pain in the rear - especially a Spey rod! Carrying fly rods out the window of your car or in the bed of your truck is a sure fire way to break them. Worry no longer about transporting your rods! These stout, large capacity rod racks can carry rods of all sizes from trout rods to Spey rods. They come in three different combinations - magnet-magnet, vacuum-magnet, and vacuum-vacuum.

With these hood-roof rod mount systems, the rods and reels are always in full view of the driver, and you can rest easy that these rod racks will not unexpectedly detach from the car.

The TLE rod racks feature rugged powder-coated aluminum construction, non-corrosive stainless steel nuts and bolts, padded UV rated rod supports, and secure and durable 1/4" bungee cord tie downs. Magnet mounts feature two vinyl coated magnets per mount, each with a pull rating of 95 lbs. Vacuum mounts use a powerful industrial-grade vacuum cup with a vacuum loss warning indicator. Many hoods are manufactured from non-metallic composite materials, so be sure that your vehicle has a magnetic surface if you plan to buy magnetic rod mounts. The vacuum mounts work well on all vehicle surfaces.

Our Price: $130.00-$210.00

Color: Black Department: Vehicle Rod Racks
Manufacturer: Tight Line Enterprises Material: Powder coated aluminum

TLE Rod Racks
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Rod Mount Type Qty Price
Magnet - Magnet

TLE Rod Racks

Magnet - Vacuum

TLE Rod Racks

Vacuum - Vacuum

TLE Rod Racks
Spey Rods, Spey Reels, Spey Lines, Spey Casting Instruction, Spey-Rod Racks
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