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Spey Rods, Spey Reels, Spey Lines, Spey Casting Instruction
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Deschutes Angler Rod Racks
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Bear your loyalty with these Deschutes Angler emblazoned vehicle rod racks! The wood base of these racks is composed of a weather resistant myrtle wood that has both a quality appearance and a quality performance. The magnets are powder coated and feature a thin rubber pad bottom surface designed to protect any paint job. Strong bungees are used to hold both the reel end and the tip in place. These bungees utilize an easy attachment system that makes it very convenient for accessing- which is particularly important for the rod rack mounted on the roof. They are magnetic, so they may not work on certain cars. But, on magnetic surfaces these stick so well you could be doing 50 down the highway and not have to worry.

Our Price: $119.95
Color: Natural/Black Department: Vehicle Rod Racks Manufacturer: O'Sullivans
Material: Weather Resistant Myrtle Wood
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Rod Mount Type Qty
Magnet - Magnet
Spey Rods, Spey Reels, Spey Lines, Spey Casting Instruction, Spey-Rod Racks
504 Deschutes Ave, Maupin, OR 97037
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