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Spey Rods, Spey Reels, Spey Lines, Spey Casting Instruction
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Hazel's Three Day Spey Camp

Hazel's Three Day Spey Camp
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Spend three days on the Deschutes River with John and Amy Hazel and their staff working on the finer points of both Spey casting and steelhead fishing. You will float the river all three days working solely on technique for the first day and putting your skills into practical application on the second and third days by swinging flies for steelhead with floating and sinking lines. No matter what your current skill level as a Spey caster, you will learn techniques that will make you more effective with the two-handed rod.

You will learn from the best steelhead guides in the Northwest how to fish a fly with the greatest probability for success. John and Amy Hazel live on the Deschutes year-round and spend hundreds of days each season guiding steelhead anglers from around the world on these waters. John Hazel is truly the pioneer of Spey casting in the Pacific Northwest. A full-time steelhead guide since 1978, John has been teaching anglers to use two-handed rods since the early 1980s. He has been a Spey rod consultant for the top rod companies in the world, and instrumental in the design of Spey rods and lines for the last twenty years. John hooked his first five hundred steelhead on dry flies, so you will have the unique opportunity to learn the finer points of fishing a skater from one of the masters of dry fly steelhead angling. Amy Hazel has taught hundreds of anglers to Spey cast over the last ten years of guiding on the Deschutes and teaching Spey clinics with her husband. Amy & John have shared their Spey curriculum with large audiences through numerous appearances on OLN's Fly Fish TV, as well as through their best selling DVD, "Introduction to Spey Casting". Over the many years of teaching Spey casting to anglers from around the world, the Hazels have successfully mixed anglers of all Spey casting skill levels in their schools. Advanced anglers will get as much out of the school as a first-timer thanks to the small class size, enabling the instructors to spend hours with each student one-on-one every day. Whether you are brand new to Spey casting or a seasoned veteran, you will come away from this intensive Spey immersion with new skills and an enlightened understanding of two-handed rods, Spey techniques, and how to be a more effective steelhead angler with the two-handed rod. Not only will this school be a fantastic learning experience, it also promises to be a lot of fun! Come join us.

Here's a snippet of video of Amy casting a Spey Rod:

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    Our Price: $1,001.00-$1,013.00
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    Does not Include: fishing license, alcoholic beverages Duration: 3 days Equipment: Spey Rods Provided to Test
    Includes: Boater Passes ($2 weekday, $8 weekend)Guides/Instructors, 2 nights in a Luxury Riverside Camp, All Meals Location: Deschutes River Float Spey Item : Classes/Clinics
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    Session Dates Qty Price Inventory
    July 16, 17, 18, 2014 $1,001.005 in stock

    July 19, 20, 21, 2014 $1,013.006 in stock

    July 23, 24, 25, 2014 $1,001.004 in stock

    July 26, 27, 28, 2014 $1,013.005 in stock
    Spey Rods, Spey Reels, Spey Lines, Spey Casting Instruction, Spey Classes/ Clinics
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